Curse of the Crimson Throne (TRU)

Haunted Fortunes

Episode #1


Haunted Fortunes


The streets of Korvosa were busy as people went back and forth to finish their daily tasks before sunset. However one small home would have increased traffic this evening as a figure stood before it. A dwarf paladin by the name of Barilut Murdinlode stood before the building as he eyed the paper card in his hand. He had received a Harrow Card or rather, it appeared somehow in his possession. The card was quite odd but when he turned it over there appeared to be a message written on the back that talked about getting revenge on Gaedren Lamm, a local crimelord that was notorious for escaping the law and covering up his tracks. The dwarf had run into him in the past as his thugs had attacked one of the Dwarven caravans from Janderhoff and left Barilut lying there on the brink of death.

                The dwarf slowly entered the home and saw a quaint little establishment. The scent of incense filled the room as there was a note about bread and wine as the woman had just stepped out for a brief moment. While the dwarf was reading the note another figure had walked into the home. It was a Half-Orc who called himself Xandak. He revealed that he had also received a similar card that told him to come here. Soon after, enough person arrived and it was a Half-Elf who introduced himself as Jathan. The group was beginning to notice a trend as Jathan had received a card, talking about the loss of his loved one to drugs that Gaedren had peddled on the street.

                As the evening progressed they were joined by two gnomes. One gnome appeared to be an apprentice in the arcane arts as he called himself Lumpen while the female purple haired gnome was a feisty one called Trigeji. The final person to arrive was a young Sable Company recruit named Elaith and they all noticed that every one of them had received a Harrow card with the same message on the back. Eventually, a woman walked into the home with long black hair. She introduced herself as Zellara and thanked everyone for coming, apologizing for the odd way of reaching out to them. The Varisian woman began to tell her tale about how her heirloom Harrow deck was stolen by Gaedren and when her son went to try and retrieve it he was caught and killed. She had tried to get the authorities involved but they couldn’t be bothered spending resources on a low criminal like him. So she consulted her powers of Harrow reading and investigated the streets to eventually come with the location of Gaedren; an old fishery North of here by one of the abandoned piers. However she was no fighter and enlisted the aid of those in this room so that everyone could finally get revenge on the old man.

                The group looked at each other as they talked it over. Could they trust this strange woman? Her talks about reading the cards and such seemed farfetched but the one point she did say was valid: Gaedren had harmed all of them in some way and this was their chance to finally get him. They reluctantly agreed to go after the man which pleased Zellara that they took her up on her proposition. Before they headed out, she offered to do a Harrow reading for them. Everyone but the gnome Trigeji decided to go for it as she went through the ritual. She had talked about how the past was full of trials and that by staying the course they were able to overcome the challenges they faced. She also saw in the cards that today would be a key day in the history of Korvosa and that they will be the key to it all. For the future she saw dark times and a woman emerging from the darkness to play a pivotal role in it all. She was unclear on what that exactly meant but hoped it would help them on their journey.

                They decided the best plan of action was to go as soon as they could, using the cover of night to make their approach on the location. It was uncertain how long they had before Gaedren got up and moved to a different location. When they arrived they saw the old building and could smell the strong scent of fish from the structure and the Jeggare River. The group tried the front door and saw that it was locked and decided to try and break through the door. They had numerous attempts of trying to force themselves in which alerted those sleeping inside of their presence. When they eventually broke the door down they were greeted by a barking dog, a gnome, and a weird blonde haired man. They started to battle as the dog tried to bite Xandak while the rest of the party tussled with the blade-wielding gnome. The man in the back tried to cast spells from his wand but seemed to be unable to get a consistent cast of. Eventually, a half-orc joined the fray trying to see what was going on. The party continued to fight as they took out the gnome and the strange man. They chased the half-orc through the fishery as they ended up in one of the main rooms that appeared to also be the home of a number of sleeping orphans. Xandak in his rage defeated the other half-orc and picked his body up and tossed it off the catwalk down onto the main floor area killing the man and terrifying the kids as they started to run away. Luckily Lumpen was around to calm the kids as he redirected them towards Zellara’s house for safety. With the children taken care of they began to examine the fishery trying to turn up any signs of the old man. Jathan was in desperate need to patch up his wounds as he drank an unlabeled vial in hopes it would ease his pain. Instead it only heightened it as it was acid and burned his throat causing severe pain that had him collapse and need to rest up in the fishery while the rest of the party continued to explore. They saw tracings of dealings and lots of fish chum but no sign of Gaedren.

                The group eventually headed outside to the walkway around the building. They carefully navigated the slippery wood and checked outside to see what appeared to be a ship resting against the back of the fishery. When they arrived at the ship they saw it also didn’t appear to be that intact as a few holes were spotted in the main deck here and there. Once they made their way inside the ship they were attacked by numerous spiders that had made their nest here in the ship. The group fought through the spiders and made their way into the lower hold where Trigeji discovered what appeared to be a hidden door built into the ship. After opening the door the group saw that it led to a catwalk that was under the fishery. Following it around they came to a small half door which they were able to unlock with one of the keys taken from the corpses upstairs. With the door unlocked they entered and were face to face with the man they had come here for.

                There was Gaedren Lamm, on the other side of what appeared to be a pool of river water. The room was littered with junk and other strange objects in it as the old man spit out venomous comments at the group as they entered. While they made their way into the room the old man unleashed his crossbow as he shot into the water and angered what appeared to be a large crocodile living there. The crocodile began to thrash around as it hunted for prey. As the party fought the old man, the large crocodile surged out from the water and bit Barilut the dwarf as it dragged his body under the water with him. Soon after, it tried the same with the gnome Trigeji but only got a mouth full of wood splinters as it mistimed its surge from the water. The crocodile was frustrated and lashed out as it bit and brought down the young recruit Elaith, sinking him into the water too.

                Meanwhile, Xandak was enacting his revenge on Gaedren for abandoning him long ago. He wrestled the old man to the ground and pinned him there as he and Trigeji bashed on the man. Eventually the rage took over the Half-Orc as he raised his Greatsword in the air and brought it through the jaw of the old man, ending his life and finally getting revenge for everybody. They fished out their own that had been caught by the crocodile. The group began to explore and see what the old man had, finding his keys to his private chambers. When they walked in they saw the room was poorly maintained and was infested with cockroaches and other insects. Examining  a trunk at the base of the bed revealed an assortment of treasures such as statues, ingots, a strange key-shaped dagger, and a bejeweled brooch with a dragon and an imp on it.

                The last thing to examine was what appeared to be an old hatbox. They were cautious as the box was swarming with flies. When they opened it they saw a decaying head propped up by a box. It was a gruesome sight to behold but then the party froze for a moment. The head was of someone they recognized. It belonged to Zellara, the woman they had spoken to hours ago but if that was the case how was her head here? It appeared to have been decaying for some time now. They checked the small box and saw it contained a set of harrow cards with an intricate backing to them, similar to what the Varisian woman had described back in her home. How was this possible? What was going on here?



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